Notarial Services

Personalized service rendered with respect, that is the motto of the Robert Blais, notary office.

Established in Sainte-Thérèse since 1984, Me Robert Blais has developed a practice oriented towards services for business people and SMEs. Also a financial planner, Me Blais is the ideal advisor for all your questions related to business law, real estate development projects, particularly in the field of co-ownership, estate planning, estate settlement as well as your real estate transactions.

Throughout his practice, Me Blais has taken a particular interest in the specific needs of business people and offers them a range of services that greatly facilitate their lives: commercial financing, development of real estate or commercial projects, negotiation, tax and estate planning, organization and reorganization of companies, retirement planning, trust will.

Real Estate


Looking to buy a property with complete security? Do business with our team.



What should you do in case of a death? What are your responsibilities? What documents should you obtain? Benefit from the advice of a professional.

Individual Person’s Protection


The notary is well aware of the law that provides for various measures to protect vulnerable individuals.


Non-Contentious Procedures


In general, non-contentious procedures are those where one requests that the court makes a ruling and renders a judgment on a request where there is no dispute.

Business Law


The notary can establish the legal structure of the company, frame the agreement between the partners in order to determine their respective responsibilities, and make the necessary arrangements regarding the company or corporation to be created.

Legal Advice


As a legal expert and public officer, the notary is particularly well positioned to help you make decisions or assist you in preventing a conflict.

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